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Daniel Booth

Daniel Booth Masonville, Colorado 80541 [...]

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Good uses for used tennis balls?

Some places I play have bins to recycle used tennis balls after a [...]

  • Mary Lou
  • 2 replies

Favorite Golf Getaway?

The cold weather is already starting to give me the blues so I am [...]

Best Sports Bra for Tennis?

Does anyone have a recommendation for a sports bra well suited fo [...]

Any Good Golf Exercises?

I feel like I finally got into golf “fighting form” a [...]

  • Jennifer Hal
  • 1 replies

Does Anyone Take Spin Classes?

I’m not a huge fan of riding bikes, but I’ve heard sp [...]

  • Nicole
  • 1 replies

Racquet String Tension and Weight

Over the course of playing tennis, have you ever changed your str [...]



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Latest Activity


2015 Texas10 Katy

About Activity :About This Activity [...]
Location : Katy
Start Date : 10/31/2017
Categories : Running,

Deep Water Running

About Activity :About This Activity De [...]
Location : Charlotte
Start Date : 11/02/2017
Categories : Running, Running,

Swamp Buggy Mud Blast: 5k Obstacle

About Activity :About This Activity Th [...]
Location : Naples
Start Date : 11/13/2017
Categories : Running, Running, 5K,

Turkey Trot Run

About Activity :About This Activity De [...]
Location : Pleasant Hill
Start Date : 11/21/2017
Categories : Running, Running, 5K, Running,

Goody Goody Turkey Trot 2015 5K 

About Activity :About This Activity On [...]
Location : Tampa
Start Date : 11/25/2017
Categories : Running, Running, 5K, Running, 5K,

HITS Triathlon Series Championship

About Activity : About This Activity [...]
Location : La Quinta
Start Date : 11/30/2017
Categories : Running, Running, 5K, Running, 5K, Sprint Triathlon,