Allie Burke has The Perfect Skirts for your Weekend Getaway

Allie Burke has The Perfect Skirts for your Weekend Getaway

The latest golf and tennis skorts from  Allie Burke just arrived and everyone in the office has been swooning over this newest batch of bright and beautiful patterns!  While we couldn’t decide on a favorite, we all agree we would wear these for so much more than just court and course time. With that in mind, we picked three Allie Burke skorts that are perfect to pack for your weekend getaway because they can be styled in so many ways.  With just a simple change of accessories, we show how they can easily be transformed into the perfect outfits for all your weekend activities.

Floral Geo Print

First up, we chose Allie Burke’s Floral Geo print golf skort. For the course we paired this skort with a basic black JoFit sleeveless top and white visor, which makes the bright colors in the skirt really stand out. Ready for dinner and drinks after your day on the course? Switch your black golf shirt for a sexy red or pink top to match the floral accents in the skort. Slip on your go to heels and accessorize with some bangles or simple necklace and you’re ready to wine and dine the night away!

Stripe Pink Geo Print

For a great look on and off the tennis court, we chose Allie Burke’s Stripe pink geo tennis skirt. For the court we styled this with a black New Balance tank and white visor.  And changing this up for a day on the town couldn’t be easier.  Simply slip a white denim jacket over your court outfit, switch out your sneakers for your comfiest pair of casual kicks, grab your tote, and you’re ready to take on the day!

Preppy Floral Print

Last but not least we have one more great golf look featuring Allie Burke’s Preppy Floral Print golf skort.  To stand out on the course, pair this skirt with GG Blue’s Venezuela bright pink polo tee along with a white visor. Headed out to meet friends after your game?  This skirt is perfect for brunch. Just replace your polo for a basic white tank like this one from Tonic.  Add a pop of color with a vibrant pink cardigan to compliment the colors in the skort.  Slide into a bright pair of sandals, accessorize with gold bangles and a colorful necklace and you’re ready to brunch!

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