Your New Favorite Sweatpants

Your New Favorite Sweatpants

Every so often we look around the Pinks and Greens office and realize that nearly every single person is wearing the same outfit. And no, we don’t have an office dress code — rather, it happens when we all discover a new item that is so great, we’ve all got to have it.

Meet the Escentia sweatpants from Tonic Active. We’re sure you’re thinking — ‘they’re sweatpants, of course they are comfortable!’ — but these are really something special.
Escentia Pants by Tonic Active

Super Soft Fabric

Let’s start with the fabric. Allison says it feels like silk. Nicola says they’re so soft she wants to sleep in them. Which made us check the label — these are made from something called “Micro Modal Scuba” fabric (read: magic angel clouds). It’s a combination of micro modal, nylon and spandex that is super soft, stretchy and feels great against your skin.

Modern Style

Next, there’s the design. Unlike ordinary sweatpants, which tend to be loose and dumpy, these feature narrow, tapered legs, a wide stretchy waistband (think yoga pants), and cute cuffs around the ankles. You may be wearing sweats, but the look is feminine, clean and modern.

It’s All in the Details

Lastly, there is the attention to detail. While many sweats feature side seam pockets or none at all, these have two adorable front pockets with zippers to hold your phone and keys close at hand. And there are two more zippers at the ankles which not only look cute, but let you adjust the fit to your liking.

With three colors to choose from (black, grey and white), there’s no reason NOT to have these in your wardrobe. Ready to try them for yourself? Click here to get them for yourself.

P.S. Did we mention there’s a matching hoodie that’s made from the same great fabric? Click here to check it out!

And be sure to check out our style blog for other stylist favorite picks and fashion advice.  Click here to go there now!

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