REDVANLY Activewear — Feel as Cool as You Look

REDVANLY  Activewear —  Feel as Cool as You Look


The latest golf and tennis collections from REDVANLY recently arrived in the office and we all can’t get over the fabric!  It is super soft and feels like your favorite cotton t-shirt.  As with all our products, we tried on everything, so here’s the scoop.

For a cute, modern golf look, we paired up the Gratten women’s sleeveless golf polo and the Decatur golf skort.  The fit is body skimming, without being too tight or clingy.   And if you love the look and feel of a traditional cotton golf polo shirt, but don’t like how they cling and show embarrassing stains when you sweat,  then this is the shirt for you. It’s the best of both worlds, combining  the softness of cotton with the performance of your favorite technical fabric.

For tennis,  we chose the Carol women’s tennis tank and the Gates tennis skort because we loved the clean lines and feminine cut.  The verdict?   These pieces are unlike any other tennis line we’ve seen.   If you are not a fan of traditional, clingy tennis tanks and skorts, then look no further.   We loved how these pieces were stretchy and figure flattering without being too tight.  And did we mention how soft the fabric is?   We all felt like we were wearing our favorite pajamas!

Redvanly drirelease fabricWhich made us wonder — could fabric this touchable and wearable really perform when worn out on the course or the court?  Turns out all the REDVANLY golf and tennis separates are made from their exclusive drirelease ®  fabric  — a unique blend of polyester, tencel and spandex —  which is not only super soft against your skin, but also the highest performing scientifically proven fabric.  This is way more than just “moisture-wicking” — the tencel attracts water so it draws moisture away from you, and it’s proven to keep you up to seven degrees cooler.  And that means you can say goodbye to embarrassing sweat stains.


And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better we pulled out the REDVANLY Putnam jacket.  This is without a doubt the lightest jacket we have ever worn — you can barely feel that you have it on!  REDVANLY calls their outerwear fabric MOVEMENT air — it’s hands down the stretchiest most lightweight fabric we have ever seen.   If you don’t like the feel of a bulky jacket and get annoyed with how it can restrict your movement when you are swinging your arms, then you will love the Putnam jacket.  You can definitely swing a club or racquet while wearing this piece.   And because it is so light, this piece is also perfect for travel.  You can roll it up into a ball in your bag and it unfolds without a wrinkle, and the lightweight fabric won’t add any bulk or weight to your carry on.  

Bottom line:  If these are not the softest pieces you have worn on the course or court,  you can return them with no hassle.   But trust us, once you try these pieces on,  you won’t want to take them off!

Ready to feel it for yourself? Shop the entire REDVANLY collection here.

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